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Performing Members - Submit/edit your profile .

Name Section Equipment
Adams, Jeff Hornline Alto
Alexander, Diane Percussion Cymbals
Archambault, Jerry Hornline Baritone
Bastien, Dick Percussion Cymbals
Belyea, Patricia Honor Guard  
Belyea, Paul Honor Guard  
Belyea, Tom Honor Guard  
Bergdoll, Buzzy Hornline/Arranger Midrange-Mellophone
Boland, Dave Hornline Contra
Campedelli, Louis Hornline Contrabass
Cash, Alan Hornline Baritone
Clark, Ed

Hornline Soprano
Clark, Fran Honor Guard Sabre
Connelly, Bill Percussion/Vice President 2008 Bass
Connelly, Maureen Color Guard Flag
Connolly, Peg Color Guard Flag
Connolly, Terry Hornline Baritone
Curti, Jill Hornline Soprano
Curti, Richard Honor Guard  
DeAngelis, Ed Hornline Alto
Dequina, Emily Percussion Bass
Donnelly, Rick Percussion Snare
Dube, Ellie Color Guard Flag
Dubois, Cathy Color Guard Flag
Dubois, David J. Hornline Baritone
Eck, Donna Honor Guard Flag
Florentino, Tom Hornline Soprano
Flynn, Kevin Hornline Baritone
Flynn, Patty Color Guard Flag
Foley, Gerry Hornline Baritone
Gouzoules, Carolyn Honor Guard Flag
Grace, Michael "Grak" Hornline/Board of Directors 2008 Baritone
Guiney, Janis Color Guard Flag
Haddiz, Bob Percussion Bass
Hartford, Wayne Lee Percussion Bass
Hayward, Ed Hornline Soprano
Higgins, Robert F. Percussion Snare
Hough, Carol Color Guard Flag
Hough, Larry Percussion Snare
Karavetsos, Maria Hornline Mellophone
Lafata, Arline Percussion Cymbals
Lafata, Gaspar Percussion Cymbals
LaMarre, Joel Percussion/Uniform Bass
Langlois, Ed Hornline Baritone
Langlois, Sue Colorguard Flag
LoPilato, Lois Color Guard Flag
LoPorto, Judy Drum Major/Secretary 2008  
Lutz, James Hornline Midrange-Alto
MacTaggart, Kevin Hornline Soprano
Marinello, Nancy Color Guard/Board of Directors 2008 Flag
Marois, Jim Hornline Soprano
Marshall, Jane Color Guard Flag
Martin, Phil Hornline Soprano
McAllister, Bruce Hornline Soprano
McCutcheon, Jill Percussion Snare
McDonald, William Honor Guard Flag-National Colors
McIntire, Cindy Honor Guard Flag
McQueen, Bill Hornline Baritone
Michalski, Tom Hornline Contrabass
Moore, Paul Percussion Bass
Morris, Bryan Hornline Contrabass
Morrissette, Dick Percussion Bass
Muise, Ken Hornline Soprano
Murphy, Marty Percussion Tenor
Nelson, Mark-Harrison Color Guard Flag
Nourse, Mary Color Guard Flag
Nourse, Stephen Hornline Baritone
O'Brien, Carol Drum Major/Board of Directors 2008  
Perreault, Jean Honor Guard  
Perry, D. J. Percussion Snare
Philbrick, John Hornline Baritone
Pichini, Leonard Percussion Bass
Picone, Nancy Color Guard Flag
Picone, Peter Hornline Soprano
Powell, Barry Percussion Snare
Powers, Babs Color Guard Flag
Reposa, Bob Hornline Soprano
Roderick, Bill Hornline/Manager 2008 Soprano
Roderick, Jerry Hornline/Treasurer 2008 Midrange-Mellophone
Scott, Cindy "Smitty"

Hornline Baritone
Scott, Robert Hornline Soprano
Shea, Marie Hornline/Uniform Committee Baritone
Spinale, Steven Hornline Baritone
Tempesta, Donna Color Guard Flag
Tillotson, Bob Hornline Soprano
Trainito, Scott Percussion Tenor
Vizena, Alice Hornline Soprano
Walsh, John Hornline Soprano
Walsh, Sandra Color Guard/Staff-Color Guard Rifle
Vega, Robert Hornline Contrabass
Venezia, Lew Percussion Snare
Whitaker, Eric Hornline Midrange-Alto
Whitaker, Fran Color Guard Flag
Whitaker, Ken "Generic" Hornline Midrange-Alto
Wilson, Claire Percussion Bass
Young, Arthur Hornline/President 2007 Soprano


Non-Performing Members
Boland, Nancy Support
Casey, Mary Support
Casey, Patty Support
Clark, Tawna  
Conboy, Mary Anne Support
DeAngelis, Donna Support
DiSabatino, James Support
Fields, Anne Support
Foley, Dottie Support
Gorzelany, Chris Support - Corps Photographer
Green, Cindy Support
Lutz, Betty Support
Roberts, Tal-ee  
Ringwood, Nancy  

Tempesta, Tom


Wedge, Jim  

Whitaker, Beth


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