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Jean Ramsdell Perreault  E-mail Jean at:

Section:  Color Guard/Flag Line

Jean Marched with:

  • 1952-1957 - I.C. Rocketts Drill Team, Salem, MA 
  • 1957-1960 - I.C. Rocketts All-Girl Corps, Salem, MA (Tenor & Snare Drums)
  • 1998-1999 - Blue Angels Alumni Corps, Peabody, MA (Tenor Drum)
  • 1999-Present - Light Brigade Alumni Corps, Revere, MA (Color Guard/Flag Line)
  • St. Kevins Alimni Tenor Drum line

Jean's Hobbies Include:  Figure ice skating, Skiing, Tennis, and Tatiana

Also, I enjoy and am proud to be a member of the Light Brigade.

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