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James Lutz, Sr.

Section: Brass: Midrange - Alto Horn

Jim brings a lot of years and talent to our group and is well respected within our ranks. He started his drum corps history in 1941 when he played soprano for the American Legion Post 76 D&B Corps, from Jamaica Plain, MA.

Jim has been inducted to the World Drum Corps Hall of Fame as an Associate Member, 2003

Other drum corps he marched with include:

  • 1944 - 1948-Commerce High School Cadet D&B Corps, Boston, MA,
  • 1949-1950-Town D&B Corps, Lexington, MA,
  • 1951-1959-Lt Norman Prince D&B Corps, Boston/Malden, MA
  • 1986-1987-Lt. Norman Prince D&B Corps, Melrose, MA
  • 1997-1998-Mass Hall of Fame (Legends) D&B Ensemble
  • 1998-Present-The Light Brigade D&B Corps, Revere, MA

Jim has also taught the following:

He was the Brass Arranger and Instructor for the following:

  • St. Catherine's, Somerville, MA,
  • St. Jean D'Arc Belair, Lowell, MA,
  • St. Mary's Annunciators, Cambridge, MA,
  • Crusaders, Wilmington, MA,
  • Wilmington Cardinals, North Shore, MA,
  • Chieftans, Lawrence, MA,
  • Viscount, Methuen, MA,
  • Musketeers, Peabody, MA,
  • Suburbanettes All Girl D&B Corps, Hudson, N.H.,
  • Sharpshooters D&B Corps., Framingham, MA
  • Mass Hall of Fame (Legends).

Jim was also a member of the Mass Judges Association, 1974-1981 where he was a brass judge.

He has performed with the Princemen Chorus, Was the Governor/Prince Rep. and secretary for the Great Alliance of Seniors (D&B Corps Alumni Assoc.) and in 1999 is an inductee to the Mass Drum Corps Hall of Fame!

Jim's other interests include:  Golf and Choral Singing.

Last Updated: 10/03

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