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Joel LaMarre


Joel has marched with the following units, one or two of them may be of some note, the rest are eminently forgettable:

1969-74-played trumpet and french horn in various high school bands in two states.
1970-72- The Royal Coachmen- North Tonawanda NY (Mellophone)
1973- P.A.V. Rangers- Lowell, MA (Mellophone)
1973-74- I.C.Reveries- Revere, MA (Mellophone)
1975-77- The 27th Lancers- Revere, MA (Fr.Horn, Flugel, Baritone)
1990-93-Kevin Barry Pipes & Drums- Malden, MA (no bugles here, so I settled on bagpipes instead.)
1994-96-27th Lancers Alumni Drum Corps- Revere, MA (lots of bugles here, but my pipes would get lonely, so I piped with this bunch too)
1997 to date- With a bit of time off, I have been privileged to pipe with the Light Brigade Alumni Drum and Bugle Corps. It's kind of a solo act, a piper in a drum corps, but it's fun and inexpensive, and they let me wear my kilt!

Joel has been involved with the following:

2000-2002-103rd Electricians Pipe & Drum Band- Boston, MA

Joel has been involved with the following in a teaching role:

I haven't been able to persuade anybody to let me teach their people. Maybe they suspect that a person who wears a kilt and plays the pipes wouldn't be that great of a teacher, certainly not in a drum corps!

Joel's other interests include (not listed in order of importance!): Travel, history (esp. Military history 1775-1918), computers, prose, Celtic culture and art, most anything Scottish, music (especially that of the Highland Warpipes), Cross-stitch and needlepoint, wombat-sexing and world domination, amateur distillation of uisguebaugh in my bathtub, trying to grow giant thistle bushes in my backyard, collecting weird looking Scottish headwear, military badge collecting, most anything having to do with Australia or Canada, convincing people that I am not weird, looking at red-headed women and mermaid art.

Nicknames he responds to: Scotchie, Bluey, Pipey, Your most august majesty. Nicknames he doesn't respond to: anything and everything else, depending upon the mood of the moment.

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